acoustic engenieering and laboratory
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Our company, dedicated to noise pollution control in general, posses three clearly different departments, while at the same time related to each of them. These are:

Engineering Department

Development of acoustical isolating and conditioning projects in the construction, industry, and urban areas.
The acoustical isolating projects include solutions of problems derived from the non-fulfillment of current legislations, or simply for better acoustical comfort.
The acoustical conditioning projects, in general, include the study and design of specific environments, where more specific acoustical conditions are requested, such as auditoriums, assembly halls, sport domes, etc, including voicing and electro acoustic studies.

"In situ" Acoustical Measurements Laboratory Department

Our acoustical measurements laboratory, accredited by ENAC (National Entity for Accreditation), with registered number 179/LE-411 III, develops Certified Reports of acoustical isolation test of general constructive elements, environmental measurements, reverberation time measurements of auditoriums, assembly halls, etc.
In terms of these Certified Reports resulting from the above mentioned acoustical measurement tests, it will be issued a report of the fulfillment or non-fulfillment under the current Regional or National legislation.
Being ENAC an entity pertaining to the EA (European Corporation for Accreditation), our reports for acoustical measurements are recognized for the rest of the Members of the European Community. (Document EA - 1/06).

The ENAC Accreditation mentioned above endorses the guarantee of quality that our laboratory offers. Our accreditation includes the following tests:

Test: Acoustics - Measurement of sound isolating in buildings and of building elements.
Part 4: Field measurements of airbone sound isolation between rooms.
European Standard: UNE-EN ISO 140-4:1999 (ISO 140-4:1998)

Test: Acoustics - Rating of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements.
Part 1: Airbone sound insulation.
Part 2: Impact sound insulation.
European Standard: UNE-EN ISO 717-1:1996 (ISO 717-1:1996)
UNE-EN ISO 717-2:1996 (ISO 717-2:1996)

Test: Acoustics - Measurement of sound isolating in buildings and of building elements.
Part 5: Field measurements of airbone sound isolation of façade elements and façade.
European Standard: UNE-EN ISO 140-5:1999 (ISO 140-5:1998)

Test: Acoustics - Measurement of sound isolating in buildings and of building elements.
Part 7: Field measurements of impact sound isolation of floors.
European Standard: UNE-EN ISO 140-7:1999 (ISO 140-7:1998)

Test: Reverberation time Acoustics Measurements for Auditories.
European Standard: UNE 74043:1987 (ISO 3382:1975)

Test: Acoustics - Description and measurement of environmental noise.
Part 1: Basic quantities and procedures.
Part 2: Acquisition of data pertinent to land use.
Part 3: Application to noise limits.
European Standard: ISO 1996-1:1996 / ISO 1996-2:1996 section 5,7,8 / ISO 1996-3:1996 section 5,6

Arquitectural Department

This department develops architectural projects in general. It is specifically qualified for the development of buildings where the acoustical issues are prevalent, such as Congressional Buildings, Expositions, Auditoriums, Sports Domes, etc.
In conjunction with the engineering department, this department brings the design and the technology together with the sole purpose of adapting to each context the most efficient solutions without damaging the aesthetics of the design or the architectural project.

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